OnAsset Knows all modes


Our technologies provide insight into every step of the journey, helping ensure products get where they need to go, on time and in the right condition.

Supply chain professionals know the mantra well, cargo at rest is cargo at risk. That was a simpler time.

No longer is movement the only metric that matters. Medicines and vaccines are useless if not transported and maintained at the correct temperature. High value electronics need to be handled with care. Shipments of fine art and high-fashion are both sensitive to climate and theft and should be monitored closely. Transplant organs are literally a matter of life and death. We handle it all, and we understand what it takes to deliver truly global, scalable, and secure supply chain visibility.

Hundreds of manufacturers and shippers engage OnAsset for insight on shipments across the globe and across all modes of transport.



Transportation & Logistics

OnAsset technologies track customer shipments from point of origin to destination, across all modes, and even provide a detailed view within warehouses or cross docks, what we call Cognitive Logistics. OnAsset got its start in aviation and is the most widely approved asset management technology in this highly regulated space. With the advent of the SENTRY FlightSafe, that degree of reliable insight and security extends across oceans.


Mislabeled, mis-shipped, and stolen cargo accounts for at least $50 billion in losses annually. In addition to movement, OnAsset’s family of technologies provides details on temperature, shock, and other environmental metrics. This level of detail helps shippers make smart, on-the-spot decisions to decrease delays and eliminate loss or other costly errors. Visibility does not stop at the loading dock, know exact micro-location, condition, arrival/departure, and total dwell time for every tagged shipment in the warehouse.


OnAsset provides freight vs. fleet tracking so that insurance and monitoring companies have chain of custody throughout the journey, including real-time GPS location, as well as temperature, shock, light, pressure, motion, and humidity data. OnAsset supplies the data needed to populate an end-to-end blockchain ledger, recording details on each container or items within a shipment and their movement. Video and sound recordings as well as cryogenic monitoring are also available.

Supply Chain SaaS Platforms

OnAsset’s enterprise API is the perfect complement to Supply Chain and logistics SaaS companies that combine silos of transportation data across the supply chain. We provide the next level and most crucial monitoring and Blockchain data to achieve visibility and condition at the piece level. Whatever your customer’s requirements, we have the data. Far beyond real-time GPS location and temperature, OnAsset technologies can supply details around shock, light, pressure, motion, humidity, and even video and voice recordings at the Cargo Edge.


OnAsset’s suite of technologies provides insight into global logistics deployments for government agencies that require a high degree of security and visibility between agencies and other governments. We leverage best-of-breed enterprise cloud technology using Microsoft Azure to support “the” missions. All of our devices support security-at-the-edge with various data encryption and protection techniques that meet or exceed DoD’s security standards.