OnAsset Intelligence launches dedicated supply chain monitoring device on Amazon Sidewalk

Shippers gain deep insights on final-mile delivery for critical shipments

DALLAS (March 28, 2023) – OnAsset Intelligence, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain visibility and asset tracking solutions, has announced the launch of its newest product, the Sentinel 200. The Sentinel 200, launching in Q2 this year, is the latest evolution of OnAsset’s highly successful Sentinel product line and is one of the first devices using Amazon Sidewalk for logistics-focused use cases.

Hundreds of thousands of shipments and assets are monitored each day using Sentinel products. Sentinels are compact, cost-effective, multi-year battery life devices with temperature, humidity, light, shock and motion sensors that provide timely and granular data on location, status and chain-of-custody of shipments and assets moving through the global supply chain. Sentinels can be integrated into packaging, pallets and containers to transform them into digitized assets for more effective long-term inventory control and usage intelligence over the asset’s lifecycle. Data-driven insights enabled by Sentinels provide OnAsset’s customers with greater quality, efficiency, sustainability and automation of logistical processes. Sentinel products are approved for use on aircraft and are validated for use in CFR, GxP, and FDA regulated supply chains, making them ideal for both commercial and consumer users.

With the launch of the Sentinel 200 operating on  Amazon Sidewalk, OnAsset has substantially augmented its existing global network to provide even more breadth of connectivity to help ensure customers maintain full visibility of their critical shipments and assets. “Working together with Amazon, we are thrilled to be launching the Sentinel 200. This represents a significant step forward in the world of asset tracking and supply chain visibility,” said Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset. “Sidewalk is providing vast coverage in that critical final mile of delivery which is so important to our customers. With Sentinel’s cutting-edge sensors, long battery life, and compatibility with Amazon Sidewalk, we believe that the Sentinel 200 is the ideal solution for any business looking to streamline its operations and gain deeper insights into its supply chain.”

About OnAsset
Founded in 2005, OnAsset is dedicated to delivering piece-level tracking across all modes of transportation in an environmentally sustainable way. OnAsset holds 17 patents and is approved by 95% of airlines worldwide. Its products are used in over 170 countries. For more information visit