OnAsset in the News

OnAsset in the News

Fierce Pharma
Mitigating Distribution and Handling Risks Faced By Pharmaceutical Companies Featuring Adam Crossno, Jonathan Neeld, And Alyssa Roberts Now Available On-Demand

The webinar will focus on how pharmaceutical and logistics companies could benefit from the latest innovation and technology in cold chain distribution. Please register with the link below to access the webinar. https://hubs.li/Q01tBQRR0


Business Wire
From Recovery to Reception: Kidney Transplant Collaborative Grant Funds Innovative Program to Increase Transplant Rates Nationwide

Recipients of the Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC)’s 2022 grant program are already making important progress to help increase kidney transplants and reduce barriers among patients and donors nationwide.


Air Cargo Week
Unilode and OnAsset announce deployment of the world’s first airborne IoT network

Recipients of the Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC)’s 2022 grant program are already making important progress to help increase kidney transplants and reduce barriers among patients and donors nationwide.


D CEO Award Winner 2022

OnAsset Intelligence Wins D CEO & Dallas Innovates’
Top Honors for Innovation in Supply Chain Technology

The executives’ jaws hit the floor, and it was then that I realized we had better visibility into their operation than they did. I knew we were on the right path because our product gave them insight beyond what their own systems provided.


Connected Aircrraft Podcast

Connected Aviation Intelligence Webcast

Connecting Air Cargo Operations to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Experts from OnAsset Intelligence, Air Canada Cargo, Unilode and Able Freight, representing the various elements of the connected air cargo ecosystem, gave insights and updates on how the commercial air transportation industry is embracing connectivity for new applications to air cargo tracking.



Food Logistics®

Cargo Visibility Solution Delivers Real-Time Insights into Shipment

OnAsset products provide insight into every step of the supply chain journey, from point of origin to destination, across all modes of transport, and even provide a detailed view of cargo at rest, within warehouses or cross docks. [ READ MORE ]

Air Cargo News

Cloudleaf and OnAsset team up on cargo tracking

Software provider Cloudleaf and monitoring device firm OnAsset Intelligence have partnered on cargo tracking.

The partnership will combine Cloudleaf’s supply chain visibility software platform with OnAsset’s suite of monitoring devices, so users can monitor location, condition and security details of shipments from their computers.



Connected aircraft Podcast

OnAsset Intelligence CEO Talks Future of Connected Air Cargo

On this episode of the Connected Aircraft Podcast, OnAsset Intelligence Adam Crossno joins to discuss how his company’s smart tag and autonomous real-time tracking device technology continues to enable new use cases for air cargo operators.



Pharmaceutical Commerce

Pharma logistics’ post-pandemic landscape

During the near-chaos of 12 months ago, when air fleets were grounded, ocean ports temporarily shuttered and truckers and warehouse operators challenged with sickness and unsafe working conditions, the global pharma supply chain mostly operated satisfactorily. While there had been many reports of shortages of consumer goods, most pharmaceutical shipments were maintained. A less satisfactory condition maintained for medical equipment—especially personal protective equipment (PPE)—but a lot of that was due to skyrocketing demand as the pandemic took hold globally.




How UPS is preparing to ship and deliver COVID-19 vaccine

Kate Gutmann, the chief sales and solutions officer for UPS who also serves as its senior vice president of its health care and sciences unit, joins TODAY exclusively to discuss how UPS is preparing and practicing to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.



UPS Stories

UPS’s vaccine tracking technology

When experts discuss UPS’s innovation driven tracking capabilities for COVID-19 vaccine shipments, they use terms like “next-generation technology,” “priority flow paths,” “centralized platforms” and “sensor-based intervention.”



Avionics International

Connected Air Cargo Keeps Flying Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As passenger traffic plummeted to historic lows in March, some of the world’s largest airlines have had to ground a significant number of passenger airplanes, furlough pilots, flight attendants and maintenance workers among others.



American Journal of Transportation

Unilode, Safran and OnAsset complete the development of digital Bluetooth tags in pallets

Unilode Aviation Solutions, Safran and OnAsset Intelligence are proud to announce the successful completion of their joint development project that has delivered the world’s best and unique form factor, corner piece and attachment method for the digital enablement of aviation pallets, which is an essential element in Unilode’s digital transformation programme for ULD management solutions.



Aviation Pros

Unilode Completes Trials for In-flight Tracking Solution

Unilode, in collaboration with its strategic partner OnAsset Intelligence, tested its smartphone app which allows tracking of its Bluetooth-equipped ULDs by connecting to an aircraft’s commercial Wi-Fi network.