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On this episode of the Connected Aircraft Podcast, OnAsset Intelligence Adam Crossno joins to discuss how his company’s smart tag and autonomous real-time tracking device technology continues to enable new use cases for air cargo operators.

Take a look inside the most advanced radiopharmaceutical tracking technology available, designed to record and deliver real-time logistics, inventory, and order data, from a leader in nuclear and precision health solutions.

At Unilode we’re leading the digital transformation of ULD management.

Marken’s unique, Sentry device is designed specifically for the pharma industry and provides the latest GPS technology available for drug shipments.


Sentinels communicate
piece-level data to a SENTRY FlightSafe within a wide radius.

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The 5G-, LoRaWan-enabled SENTRY FlightSafe sends location, temperature, shock and light details to the cloud.

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Customer receives data via OnAsset INSIGHT mobile or web platform.

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