Global Network
The one and only Global IoT Network. Don’t you think it’s time to modernize your supply chain monitoring approach?
Our Global Network was born out of the need for reliable Bluetooth connectivity at airports. It has since grown into the largest IoT network in the world, supporting all types of connectivity options, including LoRa, LoRaWAN, Sidewalk, and even Wi-Fi. Our quickly growing network spans hundreds of the largest commercial airports worldwide, key transportation hubs, and thousands of customer sites. What this means for our customers is that their Bluetooth, LoRa, and LoRaWAN data loggers will automatically connect and provide real-time check-ins and data offloads at thousands of key supply chain touchpoints across the world.  Due to the density of coverage throughout the world, our customers receive data well in advance of standard USB data loggers.
Analog Devices
  • Labor Intensive
  • Error Prone
  • Requires Physical Intervention
  • Globally Connected
  • Automatic data offloads
  • Instant Alerts
We characterize “analog” data loggers as those archaic devices that require customers to physically remove the device from the shipment and plug it into a computer to download stored data. Not only is this process labor intensive, but it’s also completely unreliable. We all know that wherever humans are present, humans will make errors. That’s where our Global Network comes in. We’ve strategically placed Sentry gateways all over the world to empower our connected data loggers to automatically connect and offload stored data at most of the world’s most important commercial entry/exit points. Because you deserve to know if something went wrong before the shipment arrives at your door in spoils.    What’s more, it’s super easy to add network to your location. Our super small Sentry gateways are literally plug and play. No messy networking or IT support required.
Cellular Devices
  • Lack of battery life
  • Not scalable
  • Requires applications
  • Globally IoT Network
  • Incredible battery life
  • Ultra compact
We are huge proponents of real time devices powered by cellular. In fact, our Sentry 600 device is the most powerful cellular tracking and monitoring device in the world. But cellular devices can lack the battery life and the scalability required for certain applications. And that’s where Sentinels powered by our Global IoT Network become the obvious choice. With the Sentinels, you get incredible battery life packed into an ultra-compact form factor, with connectivity where you need it.
Key Features of our Global IoT Network
Over 400 airports and counting, and on-demand plug and play connectivity at any customer site in the world.
Our Sentinel devices will automatically connect and let you know if anything went wrong at any leg of the journey.
Our network is compatible with any of our Bluetooth, LoRa, and LoRaWAN devices. For LoRaWAN devices, this is a game changer. It means our LoRaWAN powered devices can seamlessly switch regions compliantly the moment your product touches down in a different LoRaWAN region.
Each and every node in our network is professionally monitored and maintained for guaranteed uptime performance.
Our connected tracking and monitoring devices can seamlessly roam across our network and other networks like Helium and Sidewalk, giving you the absolute most guaranteed coverage possible.