Sentinel 200
More connectivity, more flexibility, more performance. 200/y3MXBERXDQBvvL3E5gGwfFQdYAO5Mn7KKG3CtsNM.svg
The ultra versatile Sentinel 200 contains enterprise grade temperature, humidity, light, shock, and tilt sensors, making it an ideal choice for virtually any condition monitoring application. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity that comes standard in all Sentinels, the Sentinel 200 adds Amazon Sidewalk and LoRaWAN connectivity.  The Sentinel 200 is seamlessly compatible with our global network of Sentrys.
Sentinel 200 Features
Our customers love using the Sentinel 200 for
In-transit cold chain monitoring
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Food & Perishables
  • Chemicals
  • High value and time sensitive shipments
  • Cold Chain Packaging
Facilities Monitoring
  • Walk in freezers & coolers
  • Undercounter coolers & freezers
  • Crates, bins, trays
  • Cold storage rooms & facilities
Asset tracking
  • Containers (shipping and other)
  • ULDs
  • Pallets
  • Furniture
  • Industrial tools & equipment