Designed for Pharma, Priced for Food
With our roots in the life sciences, we take compliance seriously. That’s why all of our products are pharmaceutical grade. But we also understand that a box of tomatoes and a box of biologics don’t have the same price tag. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of products for the food & beverage industry that scales without crushing your margins. for Pharma, Priced for Food/DUARmJEoT3pYzYIm4GNx7c6ISX4hQYz0WKIgixmC.svg
End to End Supply Chain Traceability
Whether you’re a food manufacturer trying to better understand the problem areas of your supply chain, or a grocery store looking to upgrade from antiquated data loggers, we’ve got you covered.
Restaurant & Grocery Store Temperature Safety
Tired of manually taking the temperature of your refrigerators and freezers? Automate in-store temperature monitoring compliance with any of our ultra accurate, real time, wireless temperature sensors.
Automated Alerting via Email & Text
You have better things to do than worry about compliance. With OnAsset, you can truly set it and forget it. Our Insight AI platform will automatically alert you via email and text anytime there is a temperature excursion. And with data stored in perpetuity at no extra cost, what more could you ask for?