Ultra-small footprint
With such a small form factor, the Sentinel 100’s are designed for versatility, with the longest range and most rugged construction in the industry.
Battery Life 1 to 5 years
Sentinels are highly suitable for long term condition monitoring and reuse. Our industrial quality batteries can handle temperature extremes that most other devices cannot. From the deep Canadian tundra, to the baking sun in Abu Dhabi, our Sentinels keep going strong.
Temperature Monitoring Done Right
Sentinel 100 trackers and data loggers are also popular for facilities monitoring to capture the ambient conditions and security status of your dock doors, storage rooms, refrigerators, and all types of temperature controlled storage. The Sentinel 100 series can operate in low temperature conditions including deep frozen environments (down to -45C/-49F) making them ideal for most cold chain pharmaceutical and food applications, while also supporting extreme conditions up to +85C/185F. Available with NIST-traceable temperature accuracy certificates upon request.
Offering full aviation compliance, Sentinel 100 can track and monitor your shipments and assets via all transit modes including air, ground, rail, ocean and intermodal.