Sentinel 100 Sensor
Unparalleled battery life and all the sensors you could ask for. 100 Sensor/Xaym59y3zraGkl1faiiZ1FgZJVKMGNNXrGQpT0DC.svg
Sentinel Sensor is an ideal solution for asset/inventory management and location tracking, is a BLE enabled, real time, multi-function environmental condition monitor offering the longest battery life in the Sentinel product family at 5 years. Like all Sentinels, the Sentinel Sensor is equipped with a temperature, humidity, shock, and light sensor.
Sentinel 100 Sensor Features
Our customers love using the Sentinel Sensor for
Temperature monitoring pharmaceuticals in transit
Temperature monitoring food & beverages in transit
Humidity detection in shipments, pharmacies, and laboratories
Temperature monitoring pharmaceuticals in a facility
Temperature monitoring food & beverages in a facility
Package open detection via the light sensor