Our Tracking Devices Help You "Trust but Verify"
From art to jewelry and everything in between, our suite of real time location trackers allows you to keep a close eye on what matters most.
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Precision Location & Movement Detection
With the Sentry, not only do you get the latest GPS/GNSS technology, you also get a hyper sensitive accelerometer that can detect and distinguish between regular and irregular movements, flagging potential shipment damage events.
Real Time Alerts
You only have minutes to stop a theft in progress, so every second counts. Our real time alerting makes sure that you’re immediately notified of anything out of the ordinary.
Track and Monitor Your Valuables
Our easy to use Insight AI Platform gives you peace of mind with real time visibility of your real time critical shipments and assets, wherever they are. And if they go off course, we’ll continue following them until you get them back.