Sentinel 100 Anchor
Precision indoor location tracking...guaranteed. 100 Anchor/E8CFkpbncCpZIDw4EN7UedWtK6Hy8jBMvuqX89aT.svg
We designed and patented the Sentinel Anchor to offer precise indoor location tracking and ambient sensor data collection. The Sentinel Anchor is installed on physical infrastructure like dock doors, racks, storage locations, offices, trucks, delivery vehicles and anywhere in between, and will tell any Sentry or Sentinel devices nearby exactly where they are, along with the ambient conditions in the areas. Sentinel Anchors automatically talk with any Sentinel Logger or Sentry that comes nearby. Location, dwell time and sensor information are automatically exchanged between the devices with zero configuration required – it just works.
How it Works
Sentinel 100 Anchor Features
Our customers love using the Sentinel 100 Anchor for
Tracking movements of Sentinels in indoor environments
Identifying problem areas in their supply chains
Adding visibility to key touchpoints in the supply chain
Monitoring the temperature and humidity of their warehouses and storage locations
Monitoring theft
Monitoring changes in custody
Monitoring dwell times between key processes (eg: how long a product sat on the loading dock before being moved to storage)