Our Story
OnAsset was originally formed in the early 2000s as a division of a robotic automation company with the intent to apply cutting edge wireless technology and RFID to the world of industrial automation. Our focus was on making wireless work effectively in harsh industrial environments, well before smartphones existed and mobile electronics were embedded in everyday life. Through successful project execution and the creation of several products, we were introduced to the world of global logistics and the rest is history. Working tightly with our customers, we identified the need for real time shipment-level visibility, our first Sentry product was launched, and we’ve been at it ever since. From the first tracking device ever formally approved by regulatory authorities and airlines for use on aircraft, to now deploying and operating the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to supply chain visibility, OnAsset has been delivering continuous innovation at scale for nearly two decades. With a focus on regulatory compliance, worldwide usage via every mode of transport, and seamless data capture in transit and in storage, we deliver location and condition information at every step of the journey. We are passionate about molding our solutions to provide our customers unparalleled supply chain visibility with best of breed security, scalability and regulatory compliance as the foundational pillars of everything we do.
Deep Roots in Aviation
OnAsset created the world’s first tracking device formally approved for use on aircraft using its patented FlightSafe® technology. Through significant effort to comply with regulations, and active engagement with airlines and regulatory agencies, OnAsset was proud to be the only IoT solutions company invited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to sit on the Portable Electronic Device Aviation Rulemaking Committee (PED-ARC) that developed the first formal regulations governing the use of active cargo tracking devices on commercial aircraft. OnAsset tracking devices subsequently became the first to be formally approved by airline and industry regulators. This innovative and pioneering approach has enabled to be the first IoT solutions supplier to have devices installed on over 300 aircraft and counting.
The Environment
Since our inception, we’ve been sustainably driven. That’s why we’re pioneering the first ever biodegradable tracking and monitoring device, aptly named EcoSense. But we haven’t stopped there. We’re investing heavily in connected label products, which have a 75% lower carbon footprint than traditional electronic devices. Check out our Sentinel Flex Tag, our first release in the world of connected label products.