Sentry 600 FlightSafe
A gateway, a real time tracker, or a condition monitor? Oh yeah, it's all three. 600 FlightSafe/naBvG6fUYkSwnJwrlOVfhfFMtFGZYhAmkDbOXFhb.png
The Sentry FlightSafe is an all-in-one real time condition monitor, GPS tracking device, and gateway. It is the most feature robust real time tracking and monitoring device in the entire industry, featuring enterprise grade temperature, humidity, light, pressure, shock, and tilt sensors, and interchangeable communication methods including:Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa and GPS. The Sentry FlightSafe can be used standalone as a real time sensor, and it can be used as a gateway for Sentinels and other LoRa/LoRaWAN sensors. Additionally, the Sentry FlightSafe features a visual display, and easily supports accessories like wired temperature probes. What’s more, the Sentry FlightSafe is aviation approved across all major carriers worldwide.
Sentry 600 FlightSafe® Features
Our customers love using the Sentry FightSafe® for
Tracking and monitoring multi modal perishables in real time
Tracking and monitoring multi modal high value goods in real time
Installing in fixed locations for environmental condition monitoring
Installing in aircraft for environmental condition monitoring
Leveraging as a gateway for Sentinels to communicate with
Customization and integration with packaging and shipping solutions.
The Sentry Network
Our network of strategically placed Sentrys spans all commercial airports worldwide. It is the only cellular, LoRaWAN and Bluetooth network with guaranteed coverage at most key commercial import/export destinations throughout the world.