SENTRY Flightsafe®



SENTRY FlightSafe reads data from Sentinels within a 1-400m range and relays that to the OnAsset INSIGHT platform. The SENTRY FlightSafe is the first in the industry to feature LTE connectivity, LoRaWAN® networking, and audio-visual sensors. The SENTRY FlightSafe is revolutionizing the user experience, offering an on-device display to easily configure the device, view data, and support customized workflows. The combination of our unique device display and buttons makes it possible to set up and launch shipments without ever having to log into any software.

Made in USA


Dimensions122 x 93.5 x 22mm
Weight233 grams
EnvironmentalTemperature -20°C to 60°C, Humidity, Light, Shock, Tilt
Power & Battery SpecsUses a battery which complies with United Nations (UN) Transportation Regulations, ‘Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods – manual of tests and criteria, UN ST/SG/AC.10/11; and IEC62133, Directive 2006/66/EC Lithium Polymer batteries contained in Equipment UN3481 PI967 Section II can be shipped by air in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Section II or International Air Transport Association (IATA) Section II PI 967 (Batteries, contained in equipment). Unrestricted, no label or declaration required.
ComplianceFCC / CE / CSA / MET / EN / IC / Bluetooth® / DO-160G Sections 20 and 21 Categories H, M and P